• 6th Medical Equipment and Health Services Exhibition; 5th International Integrated Health Care Summit
  • 4-7 December 2019
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About Health EXPO

Important comments about Health Expo:

Prof. Dr. Cevdet Erdöl: İstanbul Health Expo has broke grounds with free certification programs.

Dr. Orhan Koç: It’s a great opportunity for the Health Industry to see the technologies of the next year.

Prof. Dr. Alper Cihan: İstanbul Health Expo is a great chance to start our acquisition plans for the next year.

İshak Çiftçi: Health EXPO continues to grow with Its scientific approach, industry meetings and the new vision it created.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yağmur Baş: We believe that by bringing together scientists and the sector professionals, we will help the industry gain momentum.