• 6th Medical Equipment and Health Services Exhibition; 5th International Integrated Health Care Summit
  • 4-7 December 2019
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Why Should You Exhibit


-Turkish medical market is highly import oriented and Turkish Ministry of Health and public institutions are the biggest buyers, also participating in the exhibition.
-Imports of U.S. origin is about 12% of the total imports market in Turkey. The rest are mainly from the European Union, predominantly from Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, China and India.
- The Public Hospital Administration of Turkey will take part in the exhibition on behalf of 1500 hospitals.
- Turkey has Customs Union Agreement with the EU which provides that products exported from an EU country are not levied any imports tax when passing through Turkish customs. Countries that have a Free Trade Agreement with Turkey also benefit from the same application.
- Turkish medical device directives have been aligned to those applicable in the European Union (EU):
    • Medical Device Regulation(93/42/EEC)
    • Active Implantable Medical Device Regulation (90/385/EEC)
    • In Vitro Medical Diagnosis Devices Regulation (98/79/EC)
- Istanbul Health Expo is organizing hosted buyers from MENA region. All hospital projects are represented at Istanbul Health Expo. So it’s easy for the exhibitors to get in touch with global hospitals in Istanbul Health Expo.
- Concurrently with Istanbul Health Expo which hosts significant business affairs conducted by international visitors and exhibitors, “International Integrated Health Services Summit” is expected to visit by 5.000 visitors including 3500 professors and VIP delegates and 1500 purchasers & suppliers. Istanbul Health Expo has already assured its position as the Governmental Trade Hub for professionals.
- The unique location makes Istanbul Health Expo the meeting point of all health stakeholders, being located next to Istanbul Ataturk International Airport, which is Europe's 5th & World’s 10th busiest airport in terms of international passenger traffic, with fast and efficient flights from all over the world.