• İstanbul Health Expo 5. Hastane Donanımları, Medikal Cihaz ve Bütünleşik Sağlık Hizmetleri Fuarı 3. Uluslararası Sağlık ve Bakım Kongresi
  • 29 Kasım-2 Aralık 2017
Kalan Süre


High-Quality Healthcare Services and Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

Especially in last decade, a lot of healthcare facilities are found in Turkey and much of 
them are well-equipped, use high technology, and have qualified human resources. Private 
hospitals constitute the significant part of these facilities and they have proven themselves 
with their world-class quality and their first-class activities. Supports of Turkish Government 
play an important role in the success of private sector. Healthcare facilities of Turkey mostly 
work in the collaboration with international well-known organizations such as Johns Hopkins 
Medicine and Harvard Medical School (Skylife, 2011). Turkey also has potential to educate 
its human resources who are required for healthcare industry (Foreign Economic Relation 
Board). In more than 70 medical faculties, it also trains foreign students as well as local 
student. Turkey also has lots of physicians graduated from reputable international medical 
Turkey also gives great importance to the standardization process and accreditation of 
healthcare facilities. Even though accredited organizations of Turkey mainly consist of private 
organizations, Ministry of Health also started the standardization and accreditation process for 
public healthcare organizations (Turkish Republic Ministry of Health, 2011). The number of 
accredited healthcare organizations of Turkey reached 48 in 2012, and Turkey is among the 
three countries which have most accredited organizations in the world